Can I wait?

I get asked that all the time.  The answer I usually give is: “WHY?

What are you waiting for?

Are things going to get better by themselves?

Is the money in your bank account earning a lot of interest?

Are you pessimistic about your life expectancy?

In general, waiting doesn’t pay.  This is your health not the stock market where if you wait the Bulls might regain control.

In your mouth, when you see something that needs repair or restoration, doing it quickly is the best strategy.

Joe was told that he needed a wisdom tooth removed when he was 25.   Having it taken out then would have been routine.   Healing would likely have been routine.  Joe wasn’t enamored of the idea of having surgery so he ignored the issue.   After all, it only bothered him once a year and after some antibiotics, the pain subsided within a day.

Now Joe’s in his 50’s.  The deterioration around the wisdom tooth has progressed to affect the second molar in front.  And, he now has more frequent pain because the food getting caught there has caused decay and bone loss.

Joe now needs 2 teeth removed because the bone loss between the teeth has compromised both.   Plus, because he’s losing a chewing tooth too, he’ll need an implant to replace it.  If he doesn’t and procrastinates yet again, he’ll risk his health, muscle imbalance and real headaches.

Joe is now faced with a more challenging surgery and an expenditure in the thousands of dollars.   When he was 25 he would have spent a few hundred!

Throwing the dice with your health isn’t a great strategy.

Look ahead.  Be smart.   Read the Book.

To your health and wellness,