Did you know that 81% of people consider your smile the most dominant feature of your facial appearance?  Pretty amazing, and a little something the Tooth Fairy didn’t bother to tell you.  Billions are spent on skin care and countless other aspects related to appearance. None of them have anything to do with your smile. But think about it. Your smile has a direct effect on how people perceive you; your likability, your desirability. Naturally, a person’s desirability quotient affects romance. You don’t think your teeth and smile play into that?  A gorgeous smile makes a big difference.  We know that your teeth affect your business and professional life.  If your work involves persuading and moving others to your way of thinking, a good-looking smile is a requirement. In today’s highly competitive workplace you need every edge possible.

What the Tooth Fairy Didn’t Tell You just might move you to take better care of your teeth, which in turn, could vastly improve, or even save, your life.  Along with general information about modern dentistry and how to make choices about it, What the Tooth Fairy Didn’t Tell You will shed light on the interdependence of oral health and overall health. Doctors industry-wide are beginning to understand that people who tend to their teeth and keep them healthy live longer, better quality lives. Some estimate this increase in longevity at 10 years!

What the Tooth Fairy Didn’t Tell You is a composite of stories involving real patients. We have altered names and woven them into a readable informative narrative to help you better understand dental care and its benefits. The reality is that the new, more modern dentist can be a real source of greater health, a better quality of life and a longer one. The power they wield can be regenerative, even transformative to a whole new, better level of living. Through these stories, you will learn to better appreciate the important of healthy teeth and beautiful smile. Most important, through this book, we’re going to let you in on What the Tooth Fairy Didn’t Tell You.