I saved someone’s sight last week. Yes I’m a dentist.

A patient came in complaining of a toothache.  Sonia ( not her real name) lives in Asia and only comes to New York once a year, so I don’t see her as regularly as I’d like.

Of course I examined Sonia’s teeth.  I took an x-ray, and I saw nothing.  Since  I knew there must be something to Sonia’s complaint, I looked further.  I took a panoramic scan.  I compared it to a scan I had taken several years prior.

I found something!

I saw a change in Sonia’s left sinus.  There appeared to be a growth.

I referred Sonia to an ENT Doctor and this week Sonia had surgery to remove a fast-growing tumor from her sinus.  It was pushing on her eye and had it progressed, Sonia would have lost sight in that eye.

I love solving problems and I love helping people solve theirs.  You need a Doctor like that and if you have a problem that’s not being addressed, look elsewhere.

I’ve received more satisfaction this week from saving Sonia’s sight than I could ever have imagined when I first went to dental school.  I am so thankful I am a Dentist.

To your health, wellness and eyesight,

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