SLEEP is the new SEX, most of us don’t get enough.

And even if we do get enough, it may not be of the quality that it should be to maximize our health.

At The Cleveland Clinic this past summer, I heard Dr. Mike Roizen say that the 3 keys to health are:

Flossing, Red Wine and Sex

The point is that we need to reduce inflammation (like gum disease), eat antioxidants (like Resveratol in wine) and do things that make us feel good and release endorphins (like sex or exercise).

We also had 2 lecturers talk about sleep.   Sleep has been recognized as a key ingredient for good health.

Benefits of adequate sleep found in the latest research include:

*  Live Longer

*  Increased Cardiovascular (Heart) health and function

*  Helps reduce inflammation and chronic illness

*  Decreases stress

*  Increases memory and creativity

*  Promotes weight loss

*  Fights depression

*  Reduces Migraines

*  Increases stamina and performance

*  Fights Diabetes

Can your Dentist help?

YES, YES and YES, if they have the experience and training.

It starts with a thorough examination to see how jaw structures and soft tissues might contribute to the problem.   It might also, after a sleep study, include an appliance that is custom made to open the airways.   Just think, how do you get most of your oxygen?   Through your nose and mouth!   Both have to be in working order.

Want to fight Somnus interruptus (inadequate sleep)?   Speak to your Dentist.

To your health,


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