Integrative Medicine

After attending the symposium on Oral-Systemic health at The Cleveland Clinic last month I have a new appreciation for the field of integrative medicine.  The term Holistic has gotten a bad rap.  It implies non-scientific, non-traditional and even unproven therapy, especially to those of us in the traditional medical community.  That’s unfortunate because alternative medicine, also known as integrative medicine has a great deal to offer and many of its more effective advocates make a lot of sense.  Acupuncture, for instance, was once mocked as “voodoo medicine” and is now an integral part of accepted therapy.

Personally, I subscribe to several health newsletters.  They are short, concise and packed with useful information.  The Cleveland Clinic’s and Dr. Andrew Weil’s are two of my favorite.  They’re free too.

Our current system can best be described as a “sick-care” system.  We treat disease with medication, surgery or other therapies.   This is the model that insurance and pharmaceutical companies promote.

This type of care is expensive and not on the public’s best interest.  It’s certainly not in your personal best interest either.

How can the system change?

It can only change if we demand it of our healthcare practitioners, government and employers.

I’ve written 2 letters to a President of the USA.  Both were to President Obama and both were on healthcare reform.  I outlined a comprehensive restructuring plan.

While I’m not a policy expert, I am in the system as both a practitioner and a patient.  I’m also a citizen who, I believe has an obligation to exercise my right by letting politicians know my mind.

You can write too.   You can exercise your rights to express your opinion.   Do you like our system?  If not, let the people who are crafting it know.

To your health,


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