Do you find your dentist from a stranger on the phone or an advertisement?

Sadly, many people do this and worse.

“Do you take my insurance?” should not be the first question you ask when looking for any health care provider.

“Where can I get the best care?” should be the question asked.

Will you be able to know this from a stranger or a website whose aim it is to get patients for doctors or an advertisement aimed at luring you with offers and come-ons?

Ultimately, you have to take some responsibility.   Learn about your needs.   Learn about your potential new dentist’s strengths.   Do they match up?

You wouldn’t go to a surgeon to have cosmetic bonding and you wouldn’t go to a Pediatric Dentist if you were an adult.

If you’re a person with Diabetes, or pre-Diabetes or have a family history of Diabetes, wouldn’t you want to go to someone who understands the complexity of the disease and the interaction that occurs in your mouth?

Do you know that not all Dentists have such an in-depth, medically based approach?

Educate yourself.  Read The Book.   Don’t let your teeth fall into the hands of The Tooth Fairy.


To your health,


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